The Teaching Set

The Teaching Set addressed to preschool teachers, University teachers and researchers.

The project offers a unique opportunity to develop and verify in practice interdisciplinary activities in an integrated teaching, that allows pupils to reinforce their knowledge in various fields and practice exciting science at the same time. Furthermore the project fosters a “hands-on” approach to science and the development of a broad network of teachers, trainers and scientists through international collaborations to “reconcile” children and teachers with science.

The Teaching Set is designed to provide a long-lasting support to teachers and educators, and will consist of 4 parts:

  • Theoretical background of STEM education at an early stage.
  • Guidelines for getting organized for STEM education, searching for additional materials, using online support.
  • The detailed description of basic skills and key competencies developed in STEM education, including: designing experiments, concentrating, formulating and verifying hypothesis, thinking critically, regulating one’s own learning, undertaking metacognitive reflection etc.
  • Examples of teaching methods and good practices, games, experiments etc. which can be reproduced in preschool.

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Resources addressed to preschool teachers, University teachers and researchers.