STEM education in preschool – Kitchen Lab 4 kids

STEM education in preschool - Kitchen Lab 4 kids

Monday 12th July 2021

Location: Online via Zoom


  1. Welcome to participants
  2. Kitchen Lab 4 Kids project aims and objectives
  3. Exploring the website and introducing the resources
  4. Demonstrating the resources
  5. Feedback from participants


Participants were introduced to the nature of the K4K project with its focus on STEAM in early childhood education. The purpose of the project resources as providing a real opportunity to introduce STEAM to young children in a realistic and practical way was reinforced through the use of video examples.

During the event the facilitators demonstrated the K4K website and the resources that were developed over the course of the project. It was made clear to the teachers that all these resources could be accessed by them and integrated into their classroom. A sample of resources were demonstrated and examples were given of how these were being currently integrated into the classroom. Participants provided their feedback on the resources.

Figure 1 & 2 are example screen shots from the recording of the ME.

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