Carbon dioxide (CO2)


Carbon dioxide (CO2): a friend or an enemy?


Introducing the concepts of: carbon dioxide, gas emission, fermentation
Developing understanding of food processing involving CO2 (yeast fermentation and producing bubbles in drinks)
Strengthening the curiosity and engagement in science

Intended Learning Outcomes

The child will be able to:

  • explain the CO2 function in baking cakes;
  • explain how the bubbles in sparkling drinks are produced;
  • recognize the explosive nature of CO2;
  • name the kitchen ingredients which can be used to run the experiment with CO2

The structure of the learning pathway

Stage I

Introducing the concept of carbon dioxide as a gas – observing the process of CO2 emission and the consequences

Stage II

Exploring the possibilities of using CO2 qualities in the kitchen – usefulness of carbon dioxide in producing a lemonade and yeast fermentation.

Observing the consequences of CO2 emission for the meals’ taste and appearance.

Stage III

Summary – Carbon dioxide – useful or danger?


Initial -Explaining the concept of „gas” – activating the  commonsense knowledge: What states of matter do we know? What is gas? Where can we find (observe) gas? What kinds of gases do you know?

Ongoing – described in every resource

Final assessment

Drawing the mind-map: What have we learnt about carbon dioxide (CO2)?

Voting for the most interesting/exciting experiment.


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