Toolkit for educators

The toolkit is a collection of documents, including guidelines and recommendations for STEM teaching at the preschool level, with special emphasis on “Learning Pathways”.

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The Toolkit includes a set of publications targeted to different groups:
● The first publication “The Teaching Set” is directed to: Universities’ teachers and researchers, educators and school teachers.
It includes the contents and the methodologies developed for the Teaching Set and reviewed after the fieldwork experiences. Furthermore it includes a revised and filtered version of the resources created and/or selected by the community of teachers in O3, i.e. activities, best practices and games, tested in the fieldwork experiences. The publication presents examples of learning paths for educators (to apply in their context kindergarten).

● The second publication “Booklet for Parents” (available in EN, PL, IT, ES, CA) is addressed to: parents.
This publication is booklet that includes some examples of resources and learning paths for parents, so that they will be able to replicate the STEM activities (i.e. Kitchen Science) at home, connecting science to the real world and to their children’s interests and goals.

● The third publication “Guidelines for STEM activities at pre-school level” (available in EN, PL, IT, ES, CA). The main target of this publication are:
educators, researchers, in-service and pre-service teachers, policy makers etc.

Learning Pathways: sequences of resources that are grouped together to allow children to master a particular topic or skill/competence (available in EN, PL, IT, ES, CA).


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