Community of Practice and Learning

Open Platform will be designed to provide resources in STEM learning/ STEM teaching area (ideas, examples of good practices, video-lessons, literature, results of children’s’ work etc), and to encourage the process of searching for additional materials, up-loading new materials, sharing experiences, supporting intercultural learning process for preservice and in-service teachers.

The Community will create a long-lasting influence on teachers/ parents/ educators interested in STEM activities – it will exist long after completing the project.

The idea is to create a teaching community (composed of educators, trainees, teachers and researchers from the partner universities) that will be remain open beyond the duration of the project and will include also users not directly or indirectly participating in the project.

The platform will be customised specifically for the community of the project and will be used for:

  • searching and exploring open educational resources for teaching and learning;
  • annotating and discussing among trainees and experts resources for teaching and learning (tagging, commenting, annotating collaboratively);
  • uploading and re-organising resources in a multimodal and multimedia repository (sharing materials with peers and commenting on resources).
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